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The DuPont Spring Handicap SKEET LEAGUE will be held on Wednesdays @ 10 AM and 6 PM from March 20th  to May 8th 2013. Scores will be compiled to determine weekly winners.  Everyone is invited -- members and non-members, beginners and NSSA registered shooters. 

Since this is a handicap league, everyone has a good chance to win!  Each daily event will consist of 50 targets. If there are enough participants, participants will shoot in one of two divisions for the entire league. If there are only a few shooters, we will combine the divisions and score based on the Division II guidelines. 

DIVISION I - Shooters with a 2013 NSSA 12 gauge class (or non-registered shooters who declare class A or B): Based on the shooter's 12 gauge class the following handicap will be added to each day's raw score (maximum handicap score of 49): AA. ….…0      A...….. 1     B ...... 2       C ........ 4       D ....... 6       E ......... 8 Shoot off, if necessary, for Winner and Runner-up.  Daily Awards to the winners based on the number of shooters participating. 

DIVISION II - Shooters without a 2013 NSSA 12 gauge class: For the first event a shooter shoots during the league, a handicap will be added to that day's score which will bring the total to 49. For each event after the first, the shooter will be given a handicap equal to 49 minus the shooter's prior raw score.  The maximum handicap score is 49. Each week the 50's, if any, will shoot off; all other ties will be decided by long run from the front. Daily Awards to the winners based on the number of shooters participating. 

LEAGUE AWARDS - On the last day of the League, DIVISION I and DIVISION II High-Over-All and Runner-up will be presented to the shooters based on their handicap averages.  Ties shoot off.  Shooters choose which of the 8 weeks on which they will shoot.  The shooter's league average will be the total handicap score divided by the total targets shot.  To be eligible, the shooter must have shot at least 400 targets.  

DATES, HOURS and COST - Wednesdays– March 20th to May 8th. Shooting in flights from 10:00 to 12:00; and 6:00 to 7:00 Daily event fee = $12.00.  

SHOOT-OFFS: Doubles; stations 3, 4 and 5; miss-and-out by station. Shooters provide proof and shoot-off shells. 

AWARDS: Boxes of 12 or 20 gauge shells.  We will determine the # of prizes based upon the # of shooters who join the league. 

GAUGES: Any gauge gun may be used. Shooters provide proof and shoot-off shells. 

Please call Joe Weinbrecht at 443-553-7245 to sign up, or email him at